Swap your back-cover with our clear instructions, in a few simple steps, for a patented high performance SunnySideUp solar panel!

Your SunnySideUp will extend your runtime substantially and should the battery ever run out, it can recover in about an hour.

SunnySideUp is made out of crack and scratch resistant Gorilla® Glass 3 and it comes with a new dedicated battery.

In the "Swap-Set" you get everything you need to get it mounted in just a few minutes, including screwdrivers and clear instructions.

Since it's super thin and fully integrated, it still allows you to use all your favorite accessories.


No strings attached: extend your battery life by just putting your phone in sufficient light.

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so what's in the box?







On the beach, terrace or anywhere cordless...





- Solar-Panel (white or black)

- Brand new battery

- Pentalobe screwdriver

- Phillips screwdriver

- Pentalobe screws (2x)

- Phillips screws (2x)

4 Black

4S Black

4 White

4S White

€ 59.50

€ 59.50

€ 59.50

€ 59.50

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frequently asked questions: (click on the questions for anwers)

Does SunnySideUp interfere with my other accessories?
We tested most available accessories in the marketplace and since SunnySideUp does not increase the thickness, nor connects through the 30 pin connector, it does not interfere with any of them. Obviously the accessories should not block the light.
Does SunnySideUp also function in office lighting?
Yes but charging is somewhat slower but you should know that LED light does not charge solar panels. We also recommend trying to reduce the power consumption by turning off services you don’t need.
I am in Norway, will SunnySideUp extend my battery lifetime?
The airmass coefficient in Norway is much higher then in Spain, so charging performance will be much lower then in Morocco for example.
Does SunnySideUp work if I put a protective film on it?
The film will decrease the transmission of light to the cells and thus diminish the charging efficiency.
What if the sky is cloudy?
Depending on the amount of overcast, it might continue charging but at a lower performance. Of course, the more light SunnySideUp captures, the more power it delivers.
What is the efficiency of the SunnySideUp solar cells?
The efficiency is 22%, which is current state of art for monochristalline cells.

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iPhone 4 | iPhone 4s | iPhone 5 coming soon

no cabling, no hussle and in case you forgot your charger, it can save your day!

just place your phone "sunny side up" in the sufficient light and it will charge up to 10% per hour!

people constantly ask me “what is that” and I proudly explain how green I am:)

The solar back for your iPhone

Does mounting a SunnySideUp affect the warranty of the phone?
Yes, your one year warranty on your phone will be void as soon as the phone has been opened. However, SunnySideUp gives you a one year warranty on the panel.
How about your return policy?
Just send it in to us with a written explanation and we will contact you to find a solution.
What if SunnySideUp charges simultaneously with another charging device?
As SunnySideUp does not use the standard iPhone connector, it will not interfere with any other charging device. The electronics in the battery will prevent over charging.
Why does the percentage indicator not increase during charging?
In order to prevent nagging sounds and screens that would appear when shadows cast over the cells, SunnySideUp charges directly to the battery. For visual feedback on charging progress, simply switch your phone off and on again, or connect it to a charging cable and you will see percentage indicator will update.
My phone tells me it has to cool down because it became to hot. Is it broken now?
You should not expose your phone to excessive heat, also from sunlight. SunnySideUp needs lots of light, but no heat. Try to position and place the phone so it captures enough light without it getting excessively hot and should it overheat, usually the phone will pick up normal functioning again.
Can I dispose my charger after buying a SunnySideUp?
No, there will be periods of time, maybe even a week when you won’t need your charger, but to our experience you still need your charger occasionally more in winter and less in Summer.

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